#MASInfo 8 – Azure Services on Azure Stack

Here is a small list of all currently available Azure Services on Azure Stack:
– VM with VM Extension
– Docker
– Azure Networking
– Azure Storage
– Azure App Services
– Azure Functions
– Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) for MSSQL/MySQL
– Services Fabric
– Azure Cognetive Services as Container
– Kubernetes (AKS) (Preview)
– SQL 2019 and other SQL Server variants
– Azure Event Hub (Preview)
– Azure IoT Hub (Preview)
– Over 200 Marketplace Images from MS and OSS Universe
– Plus over 50 Github Templates, also with Office 2016, Hadoop and other
#realhybridcloud #hybridcloud #azurestack #azure #microsoft
-> Infos from @AlexanderOrtha (Microsoft – GBB)

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